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Launched in 1998 and became a full-fledged news media in 2004, detikcom is both Indonesia’s first and number one news portal. In 2011 detikcom has been acquired by CT Corpora will be put under TransMedia. Under it’s wing TransTV and TRANS7.

Staffed by over 200 journalists in its newsrooms throughout major cities and geographic areas in the Archipelago, detikcom delivers breaking news by minutes on current events all around the Nation. As the truly news portal, we report news on a wide array of interests—from politics, economy, finance, business and capital market to entertainment and sport.

Core Values

Our Values at Work on being a detikcom employees. Some companies manage by rules. Some by hierarchies. detikcom manages by its values. In the end, detikcom determined that our actions will be driven by these values:


  • We understand that digital is all about speed. We connect to the world in no time, yet we bring the news within the same way. Hence, we acknowledge that we deliver something that might change the world itself. Thus by working both quickly and precisely, we make time more valuable to everyone so that none will be wasted.


  • Digital is a futuristic product often come with joy and entertainment. But at Detik we’re not just dealing with these kind of happy things, we’ve been dealing with new challenges. Since we believe that challenge is opportunity, we work on ideas and concepts to deliver something new. That’s what we do and what makes us differ from others.


  • We have saying, “A genius without integrity is a nonsense”. In order to create a masterpiece, we not only need a passionate dreamer or a thoughtful thinker, but also a sincere worker collaborated in one package. Those innovations and ideas that are already spoken should be the real thing that are truly done. We believe, your actions will define who you are.


  • At Detik, it’s our custom to work together as one team. We expect everyone to have open attitudes and good respects which are essentials in building a great team work. It may sound cliche, but we admit that “To make it fast one might be done thyself, but to make it even far one must be done together”. Also, strong bonds and chemistries in team will always make the works more enjoyable.


  • As a media we have this mission, “To deliver news is to deliver truth”. We proud to say that nothing could ever change nor influence us to keep this commitment on track. As a company, we encourage everyone to have self determination. The ability to think and work independently is one of strategies helping you survive in this big borderless industry.

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