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Gambar Primafit Bali Posisi Technician - Service & Delivery Fitness Equipment

PrimaFit is experienced giving international-standard service to fitness equipments used in five-star hotels whereas the quality and time lenght of service are imperative. Star-qualified hotels always have the urgency to have their broken fitness equipments repaired immediately.In addition, PrimaFit has also carved respectable reputation in doing service for commercial gym that usually has great amount of equipments, up to thousands. In such a way, the speed and volume service, requested by client, will not be the problems for PrimaFit. Such gold reputation is attained by commitment, experience, and infrastructures, including adequate human resource.Dedicated and Certified After Service Team: Of all PrimaFit group, the most human resource is in After Sales Service Division. Thus, it is a real proof that PrimaFit gives a large portion of commitment to the importance of after sales service.The team has different specialities adjusted to specific task. Some handling broken equipments (Work Order), some specifically doing routine maintenance (Preventive Maintenance), some delivering and installing equipment (Delivery & Instalasi), and a special division that checking and doing quality control to make sure that all fitness equipments, about to send to the clients, are in perfect shape.All technicians in PrimaFit After Sales Service team are certified technician trained intensively and periodically by the principals of the brand exclusively distributed to Indonesia market.All service team are available throughout Indonesia big cities to be closer to clients when needed.Preventive Maintenance Service: Purchasing fitness equipment is a moderate investment whereas the lifespan of fitness equipment can reach 5 to 10 years.To make sure the fitness equipment purchased from PrimaFit perfectly work, PrimaFit also provides regular maintenance to prevent disfunction. Thus, before the disfucntion takes place, PrimaFit technician has alarmed client because when it gets worse the convenience when using the equipment will be disturbed.Regurlarly and timely, PrimaFit technician will pay a visit and maintain the equipment. Other benefit offered is the client who owns maintenance service contract will be the subject of additional charge in the occurence of immediate and unpredictable disfunction. In addition, such client will enjoy special price from original spare-part provided by PrimaFit.Refurbish Service: PrimaFit has a way to aid client with limited budget getting new equipment by reconditioning it. The service includes painting and reupholstery. When needed, Prima Fit will be more than happy to suggest client providing reasonably price spare parts and its availabilty. Undoubtedly, all original spare parts ftom the brands that exclusively represented byPrimaFit will be fast delivered.Ready Stock Spare Part Inventory: Guaranteing after sales service is an easy promise in purchasing, yet it is not something easy to fulfil. It also takes supplier’s commitment to provide the spare part and trained human resource to do so. Restocking spare part is distributor’s investment to provide quick service to its clients. PrimaFit give its full commitment by providing fast moving spare part ready stock in Jakarta. When needed thus the spare part is fast deliverable without waiting from abroad that takes time both to wait and process it out from the custom.Standard Response & Service Time: As its commitment to after sales service, PrimaFit applies standard time to response service request in the following day. Per client request PrimaFit guarantees to send off its skilled technician to check the problem in one-day work. Depending on spare part availability, PrimaFit applies three-days work standard time to finish the repairment of the reported problem. To fulfil all the commitment, PrimaFit invested a great deal in providing and training human in service team as well as in mostly ready stock spare parts.

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Industri Perawatan/Kecantikan/Fitnes
Ukuran Perusahaan: 51 - 200 pekerja
Waktu Proses Lamaran: 3 hari
Tunjangan dan Lain-lain: Tip, Asuransi kesehatan, Pinjaman, Olahraga (contoh: pusat kebugaran), Waktu regular, Senin - Jumat, Bisnis (contoh: Kemeja)